Co-Curricular Activities @ ISP

For children, a school without Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) would be like a cake with no icing – less vibrant, lacking substance and definitely not as exciting!

CCAs occur before, during and after school hours, allowing students to further their learning through sport, creative arts, academics and music. With a variety of competitive and all-inclusive activities, our extra curricular program offers something for every student irrespective of their ability.

One of the most challenging things in life is to step out of one’s comfort zone and try something new, and our diverse CCA program offers interesting and unique activities that some may never have attempted or even heard of before. Competition and commitment to teams is also inevitable, allowing children to develop their teamwork, leadership skills, communication skills and to gain a true sense of responsibility.

The benefits of CCAs are endless and allow students to learn and develop major life skills. They are a key avenue for building and developing relationships with both students and teachers, especially those who share similar interests to them. They also allow students to build friendships with children from lower or higher age groups.

In order to make our CCA program developmentally appropriate, the number of CCAs a student can join is shown below:

In Year 1: Students can choose one CCA each week.

In Year 2: Students can choose two CCAs each week.

In Years 3 and above: Students are allowed to choose a maximum of three CCAs however only two of these can be teacher led (including teams)*

*this does not include before school clubs/teams such as swimming, lunchtime clubs or weekend clubs.

Not all life’s lessons can be learnt within a classroom, and many of the important ones will be learnt outside where children are in a more diverse environment through our extensive Co-Curricular Activity Programme.

Examples of CCAs that we offer are:

T Ball
Art & Craft
Novel Challenge
Multi Sports
Animation Club
ICT Skills and Games
Scrap Booking
Gee Club
Creative Cooking

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