The House System @ ISP
We have four Houses at ISP, and every child is allocated to one of the Houses when they enroll at the school.

The House names were decided upon by our students and were chosen because they reflect an important aspect of our host country. Each House is named after one of Malaysia’s most endangered species using Bahasa Malaysia.

The Houses are:

  • Gajah (Pigmy Elephants)
  • Harimau (Malaysian Tigers)
  • Penyu (Marine Turtles)
  • Badak (Sumatran Rhinoceros’)

Throughout the year we hold house competitions. These foster friendly competition, challenging students to take responsibility and care for each other as they mix with students across all age groups. Inter-House competitions include sporting and non-sporting events, ranging from swimming galas or sports days to photography competitions and talent shows.

A house cup is presented at the end of the year to the house with the most house points. These are gained through house competitions as well as by individual efforts of the students and their academic achievements.

Every week in our assembly we celebrate the efforts of our students and see which house has gained the most points during the week.

House Points
Whilst recognising that we want our students to be intrinsically motivated to succeed we give rewards in order to:

  • To raise self-esteem;
  • To recognise achievement, progress or effort;
  • To model values of the school;
  • To encourage team building;
  • To publically celebrate achievement, progress and effort with parents and our wider community;
  • To inspire and motivate.
Students gain house points for exemplary demonstrations of an aspect of our school values or of our learner profile.

Recording House Points
House points are carefully monitored by teachers and are recorded in the students’ planners or on wall charts within classrooms.

Celebration of House Points
Individual students can gain certificates to recognise individual effort and achievement.

Number of House Points Gained Certificate Awarded

We regularly review our house point system and moderate across all staff so that we have a fair system which promotes excellence in all respects.

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