Learn, Play, Grow | “Play”

At The International School @ ParkCity we recognise the importance of educating the ‘whole’ person. It is too often the case that schools focus only on the academic side of a child’s development. We intend to do things differently and better.
The three main components of the curriculum at The International School @ ParkCity are:
The Core Subjects
The essential core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science. These will be taught with continuity and progression from year to year.
Creative Arts
Utilising the excellent facilities available on The International School @ ParkCity grounds to deliver a Creative Arts programme that embraces the beauty and wonder of Music, Art and Drama.
Global Awareness
It is our responsibility to prepare every student to be successful in our ever-changing world. The Global Awareness programme will include such subjects as History, Geography, Community Outreach, Life Skills, Business Studies and Global Perspectives.

The curriculum will be delivered via the following themes:

Learn, Play, Grow

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