Lost Food Project – Update

At the end of Term 1, many families donated items for The Lost Food Project. Here is a letter we just received from them…


Dear Students, Teachers, Staff and Parents of ISP

Happy New Year to you all and a huge thank you!

The Lost Food Project was overwhelmed by your generosity towards our charities, when we received boxes and boxes of food, toiletries and cleaning products into our warehouse at the end of last term. There was so much, it enabled us to give much needed extra boxes of food to so many charities, as well as supplies of soap, toothbrushes, and cleaning products etc. Single mums who struggle every day to feed their kids, elderly folk who live in care homes, disabled adults and children, addicts and people who have lost their way in society, orphans and abandoned or abused children: you helped all of these and more.

You may think you were just providing for people to eat and keep clean, but in fact you gave much more than that. In participating in the Reverse Advent Calendar, you gave with LOVE from your hearts and hands an even greater gift to the most vulnerable in society: HOPE.

It’s a great thing to start this new year with, don’t you think? We all need hope, and for some folk it’s in short supply as they struggle with making ends meet every day. It’s easy for them to become discouraged and give up. To know that there are people out there who care and are willing to help (which is what love is) gives hope for the future to the vulnerable and those who look after them. They can look forward and believe that the future can hold good things for them, just as it does for you. Hope encourages us to keep going, even through tough times.

Your amazing generosity also inspired us all at The Lost Food Project, especially in the warehouse, seeing our shelves filling up with all the goodies you sent, and being able to pack the beautiful boxes for each charity’s needs. We are encouraged by your support to give even more of ourselves so that we can help more people this year. So you see how the ripples of your love are spreading out across the Klang Valley into 2018!

All of us at The Lost Food Project wish all of you at The International School @ ParkCity a very blessed and happy new year, and we thank you once again from our hearts for being part of our Reverse Advent Calendar.

With all best wishes,
Sally McEachen
On behalf of The Lost Food Project