This page contains information and useful links, specifically for our ISP students.

We want all ISP students to enjoy coming to school – we want you to have fun. Of course, you are also here to learn, so here are some basic guidelines and information to help you.

The ISP Core Values and ISP Learning Habits
Our Golden Manners
Student Code of Conduct
Student Use of Technology

Responsible and Respectful use of Technology (Primary / Secondary)

School Calendar  

If you subscribe to the school calendar, you always know what’s going on and it will help you to be more independent. Instructions are here. Or you could download the yearly overview – to check when your next holiday will be!


From Year 3 and above, all students have a personal iPad, ISP email address and Google Drive account. All students from Yr10 upwards have a personal laptop. You have the responsibility of using these technologies correctly, safely and respectfully. Please read the Family Media Agreement with your parents and review it annually. Primary / Secondary

Access your email and Google Drive by signing in at Enter your full email address (the one that ends in and your password. You will need to change your password occasionally.

iPad Apps  

Students from Yr3-9 must have their own iPad. Please ensure it’s loaded with all of the essential apps that are listed here. Remember to check it at the start of every school year to keep up to date. Buy your iPad online here.


Towards the end of Year 9 many students are thinking about purchasing a laptop to use in Key Stage 4 and beyond. There are so many varieties it’s often difficult to know where to start. Here’s our advice on choosing a laptop.


The Destiny Discover app allows students to search for books by name, author, genre etc, and reserve books that are currently on loan. Read or write reviews, make recommendations, and discover the most popular book, or the latest arrivals. Or sign into the library here.


Teachers of students in KS2 and above will often send emails with important information. It is essential to check. Make sure you have the Gmail app on your homepage (or Dock) and that it shows notifications for your ISP account.

Older students regularly use Google Classroom. Lesson resources, homework assignments and useful course information is available here. Use the app on your iPad or create a link to on your laptop.

FlexiBuzz is the app we use to communicate information to your parents. You are welcome to use this if you want. Ask your parents for details.

Student Magazine

Read the latest edition of our Student Magazine, ‘ISP Ignited’, right here. Created by the ISP Communication Ambassadors, it’s packed full of a wide variety of articles and features.


Our Secondary Communication Ambassadors create this amazing magazine, ISP IGNITED, just for you.

Click on the image to read or download the latest edition.

1st Edition    |   2nd Edition    |   3rd Edition

Teacher Feature

The Communication Ambassadors have been investigating the personal lives of our teachers, discovering more about their experiences and achievements.

Student Leadership

There are many opportunities for ISP students to take on leadership roles

Head Boy Primary Student Council Head Ambassador
Head Girl Secondary Student Council Communication Ambassadors
House Captains Tech Team Conservation Ambassadors
Vice House Captains PE Media Team Community Ambassadors
Primary Prefects Sports Leaders

Get Involved

There are many activities you can get involved in, outside of lessons. Think about what you’d like to do to get the most out of school…

  • Try a new after-school CCA that will help you develop new skills
  • Join a sports CCA…even if you don’t think you’re sporty
  • Apply for one of the many student leadership positions
  • Talk to your parents about starting instrumental lessons
  • Take part in special events with enthusiasm, like dress-up days etc
  • Audition for school productions, or volunteer to perform in an assembly
  • Join the school choir or one of the orchestras or bands
  • Do your best in every House Week – earn points for your House
  • Buy or sell during a charity event.

If you are in Year 10 or above, why not join the International Award programme.