Co-Curricular Activities @ ISP

Our CCA programme is a key part of the school experience that we offer, and one that we are rightly proud of.

Across each week throughout the year we offer over 70 teams, clubs and activities that cater to the diverse interests of our students at ISP. Most CCAs take place after school, however some also take place in the morning before school and on weekends.

A key element of the CCA programme is to promote enjoyment and fun but we also aim to broaden students’ experiences, present new challenges or provide opportunities for activities that they would not otherwise be able to experience.

Through our comprehensive CCA programme we hope to further student interest and learning through sport, creative arts, academics and music. They are a key avenue for building and developing relationships with both students and teachers, especially those who share similar interests to them. They also allow students to build friendships with children from lower or higher age groups and to develop their teamwork skills, leadership skills, communication skills and to gain a true sense of responsibility.

CCAs are either teacher-led clubs and teams, for which there is no charge, or ‘Specialist CCAs’. Specialist CCAs are paid activities and enable us to invite external experts into the school to lead activities that teachers are unable to offer. This currently includes clubs such as Fencing, Taekwondo, Robotics, Cheerleading and Cricket.

Term 1 2018/19 CCA

In order to make our CCA program developmentally appropriate, the number of CCAs a student can join is shown below:

  • In Year 1: Students can choose one CCA each week.
  • In Year 2: Students can choose two CCAs each week.
  • In Years 3 and above: Students are allowed to choose a maximum of three CCAs* however only two of these can be teacher led.

*  this does not include before-school clubs, lunch time clubs or weekend clubs

** there is no limit to the number of teams a student can participate in

Examples of CCAs that we offer

Dodgeball Languages Badminton
Multi-Sports Drama Yoga
T Ball Swimming Animation
Basketball Art & Craft Primary & Secondary Orchestra
Primary Choir Football Rhythmic Gymnastics
Creative Cooking Athletics Photography & Filmmaking
Origami Dance Fencing
Tae Kwon Do Technology  Magic

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