Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Digital technologies are used throughout the school to facilitate learning beyond boundaries.

When ISP opened its doors in September 2011 we were one of the first schools in the world to provide personal iPads to all students across Primary and Secondary. The widespread adoption of this new technology is a key feature of ISP and the benefits of our 1:1 learning environment can be seen across the school. Having instant access to important information, lesson materials, communication, school systems and online storage, means learners can be more productive, efficient and engaged.

From an early age our students develop the necessary skills to use technology as an effective tool for learning. Digital tools provide opportunities to explore, create, construct, record, share, discover and play in ways previously unimaginable. These skills are developed as part of real, authentic learning experiences, which are embedded in every part of the curriculum.

For information and advice on how to support your child’s use of technology, please see our Parent’s Guide to Technology at ISP. Also available in Bahasa Malaysia and Korean.

Along with the power of technology comes great responsibility. Our students learn how to manage these powerful tools through an ongoing, comprehensive programme of Digital Citizenship. A range of digital literacies are explored and key skills developed, providing the knowledge and understanding needed to be safe, secure and responsible. Parental involvement in this process is essential. Workshops, talks and discussions are used to provide parents with the support they need to aid their child’s digital wellbeing.  

Apple Distinguished School

In 2016, ISP was recognised as an Apple Distinguished School. Follow the link to learn more or to download our ebook.

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