PE & Sports

PE & Sports

Our Physical Education programme promotes health, fitness and psychological well-being, whilst developing many physical and social skills.

Our high quality Physical Education curriculum inspires students to succeed and excel in competitive sports and other physically demanding activities. We provide many opportunities for students to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.

Competition in sport and other activities builds character and helps to embed values such as fairness and respect. Students take part in timetabled PE lessons as well as having the opportunity to enjoy competitive and non-competitive sports through the CCA and team training programme.

The Physical Education and Sports curriculum at ISP caters for the needs of all individuals within our school. We have excellent facilities available to complement the expertise of staff to provide high quality learning opportunities within all lessons. In this way we hope that students will benefit and enjoy participating in this important and highly valued subject. We hope that all students develop a positive attitude towards physical activity that continues into later life.

The English National Curriculum programmes of study are followed from Early Years through to A-level in line with current guidelines. Our dedicated PE team offer a sporting programme that is inclusive, challenging, fun and engaging that enables students to reach their full potential and most importantly, develop desirable personality traits such as respect and responsibility.

The PE curriculum offers a broad and balanced range of sports and activities from traditional team sports such as football and basketball, to gymnastics, team building and sports leadership, with a focus on inclusive participation and enjoyment.

Our thriving co-curricular and team training programmes allow for progression and competition at a high level. We have over 40 sporting teams competing in more than 150 sporting fixtures throughout the year. The list of ISP sporting teams is impressive, and is testament to the passion of our students and staff.

ISP are part of two established international leagues:

  • Kuala Lumpur International School Sports (KLISS)
  • International Schools Athletics Conference (ISAC)

These leagues provide highly competitive opportunities in regular sporting fixtures in a multitude of sports across Primary and Secondary. We are also part of FOBISIA where our sporting teams tour the Asia region to take part in competitions against international schools from different countries. Our list of big wins is impressive.

ISP students become independent learners and develop team tactics and strategies, enhance individual physical skills, improve their analysis and evaluation skills and understand the importance of health and fitness.

Physical Education has a greater purpose within the school curriculum and has a unique ability to equip and develop young people to become successful in many aspects of their lives. It provides opportunity beyond being just a performer and can contribute to the development of the whole person. It is important that students leave ISP acknowledging the wider benefits of leading a physically active life can have on them.

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