Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts programme combines the elements of Music, Instrumental lessons Dance and Drama.

We deliver a high standard of performing arts education, providing students with knowledge and skills that promote a confident mindset, and an enjoyment of performance. We provide an atmosphere where students are encouraged to set goals, take risks and view mistakes as an avenue for learning.

Our excellent facilities together with our staff expertise means that Performing Arts is given a high profile at ISP. Students of all ages are provided with opportunities to develop in Dance, Music and Drama through a mixture of compulsory lessons and many different extracurricular activities.

Across the year a mix of Performing Arts events and activities happen, ranging from annual Primary and Secondary productions to smaller recitals and performances. Students are actively encouraged to showcase their talents in a variety of forums, including the annual ‘ISP Has Talent’ competitions, weekly assemblies and other special events. We have very active Primary and Secondary orchestras involving students from 5 to 18 years old and a number of bands and student ensembles.

Music is a key feature of the school’s Performing Arts provision, and includes broad and varied programmes. As well as weekly timetabled music lessons for all students from Nursery to Year 10, we also offer group instrumental lessons for students in Year 6 to Year 9, along with private instrumental lessons.

We promote a  love and appreciation of music for all ISP students and aim to develop their creative skills over time. Our practical approach to music enables all students to develop the use of their voices, their instrumental abilities and their use of technology. Students regularly listen to and evaluate a range of musical genres and have opportunities to create and compose music individually and in groups.

Weekly dance and drama lessons complement the musical programmes and our annual performances in Primary and Secondary are highlights of the school year. Our well-structured curriculum ensures a clear progression of dramatical skills and students learn to use drama and role play to explore a range of texts and ideas. A key benefit of drama is the opportunity to develop self-confidence and self-expression, skills which are vital in many other areas of the curriculum.

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