Secondary School

The Secondary School

The Secondary School programme is a natural progression from the Primary School and is broadly based on the English National Curriculum.

The Secondary School is divided into three categories:

Key Stage 3 – Year 7, 8 and 9 | Ages 11 to 14 years

The English National Curriculum has been developed to enable schools in and out of the English to raise education standards and to help their learners:

  • accomplish high standards and make improved progress
  • enable those not achieving age-related expectations at age 11 (Year 6) to experience success
  • be able to use high-quality personal, learning and thinking skills
  • become independent learners
  • be able to use high-quality functional skills
  • be challenged to achieve their potential
  • have increased commitment and enjoyment of learning.

The academic programme for Years 7 – 9 at ISP is based on the English National Curriculum but is not restricted by its limitations. Our curriculum provides students with a challenging, meaningful and enjoyable programme of study.

Laying a strong foundation of skills, knowledge and habits is crucial to success in Key Stage 4 and beyond. Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 provides this excellent foundation for further study through well-planned, informative, innovative and creative lessons set in an international and local context.

The programme consists of English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Geography, History, Music and PE. In addition to this, students select two Modern Foreign Languages from Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. Weekly Community Outreach and Life Skills (COALS) sessions enable students to successfully master the ISP Core Habits and Learning Skills, develop excellent character and positively contribute to the local community. All subjects are taught by highly qualified subject specialists who make full use of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Learning is enhanced by the inclusion of up to date technology in lessons. All students have an iPad and internet access throughout the school. Technology is incorporated across all subjects to help prepare students for life in the digital world in which we live.

Key Stage 3 students are constantly developing a strong foundation to guarantee success during the IGCSE years. Students are taught in an environment where risk-taking, independence, critical thinking and teamwork are highly promoted. It is these key attributes, along with the rest of our Core Values and Learning Habits, that provide our students with the best possible foundation for Key Stage 4 and beyond.

Key Stage 4 – Year 10 and 11 | Ages 14 to 16 years

At ISP the essence of the Key Stage 4 curriculum is the balance between a curriculum that offers breadth and that of student choice. We firmly believe in encouraging all to follow their passions and that enjoyment of a subject fosters success.

Although we recognise the importance of excellent grades, they are only part of what makes a successful student. At ISP we value the individual and treat everyone accordingly. We strive to enable all students to find their given talent and to pursue their passions to fulfil the potential they all possess. Every student at ISP will experience success.

We teach the statutory Key Stage 4 subjects of Maths, English (Either 1st Language and Literature or 2nd Language), Science (Coordinated Sciences or Separate Sciences), Mathematics, Non-curriculum PE and COALS.

In order to develop their higher order thinking skills all students are encouraged to be creative and demonstrate a higher level of independence through the curriculum and co-curricular activities; these are vital skills to enable success in the 21st century.

To ensure academic breadth, there is a requirement to study at least one modern foreign language to IGCSE. We also continue with a Form Tutor period and, from Year 10, we offer The International Award alongside many leadership opportunities.

Four IGCSE Option blocks are also offered and cover the IGCSE subjects below:

  • Additional Mathematics
  • Art
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Business Studies
  • Design & Technology
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT
  • Mandarin MFL
  • Mandarin Second Language
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology
  • Spanish

Students are examined either by final external examination, coursework or a combination of the two. We currently use Cambridge International examinations and the AQA examinations board to direct the delivery of our IGCSE curriculum. Our students perform exceptionally well in these examinations – details can be viewed here.

Sixth Form – Year 12 and 13 | Ages 16 to 18 years

For more information, please visit the Sixth Form page.

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