PAWS – Animal Shelter Welfare visit – Saturday 9th June 2018

On Saturday 9th June 2018, 8 of our Key Stage 3 students visited the charity PAWS Animal Welfare Society. This followed our recent work, as part of the Year 8 COALS, programme to raise awareness and funds earlier in the year whereby our students organised a 12 hour ‘Dance-off’ in Arkadia Mall, Desa ParkCity.

During the visit, students took part in many aspects of the shelter including, dog walking, cleaning, shampooing and sitting with the animals, offering help and comfort to nearly 500 animals who are currently housed by the shelter. They were also able to see how the proceeds of the ‘dance off’ were used to buy food for the animals at the PAWS shelter.

Many students have already signed up for a follow-up visit in their own time and we will be organising more trips to the centre in the next coming academic year.

Thank you to the 8 students who gave up their Saturday morning to help at the centre as well as those who participated in the 24 hour ‘dance off’ earlier this year. A special thank you must also go to Mr David for steering this COALS project.

The website of the centre can be found at