Primary News – 3rd December 2017

Dear Parents and Students

We have now entered that exciting time of year when the end of term is within sight, but still have many special events and celebrations for everyone to look forward to before term ends, in addition to regular lessons and learning. As always, I recommend you keep a close eye on the main school calendars to see everything coming up at ISP, but copied below is a list of the main Primary events for the final two and a half weeks of term. Below this I have shared some stories from events in school from the past week or two, which you might enjoy.

Main primary events for final weeks of term 1:

Early Years Singalong – Monday 4th December – 9am in Upper Library
Year 3 Performing Arts Assembly – Monday 4th December – 1pm in MPH (for 1:10pm start)
Year 5 Assembly – Friday 8th December – 2pm in MPH (as usual, with a prompt start)
End of Term 1 Reports for Y1 to Y13 – published to parents – Friday 8th December
Last day of teacher-led CCAs for Term 1 – Friday 8th December

Primary Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) for Y1 to Y6 – Tues 12th & Weds 13th Dec. (Secondary on Mon / Tues)
Secondary Production of ‘Grease’ – Weds 13th, Thurs 14th & Fri 15th Dec – 6:30pm in MPH
Primary End of Term Party Day – Friday 15th December

Primary Performing Arts Concert – Tuesday 19th December – 11am in MPH
End of Term 1 – Wednesday 20th December – school finishes at 12pm (final assembly at 10:45am in MPH)

Recent events in the Primary School:

Copied below is a selection of recent tweets from our main school Twitter feed, which Mr Ian and the marketing team have done a fantastic job of revamping recently, and I really recommend you take a look at if you want to get a flavour of the variety of activities happening day to day in school:

A reminder that teachers also share photos from your child’s year group (as well as lots of other info) via Flexibuzz, our messaging app for parents, and that our YouTube channel and Facebook page are other ways we share what’s happening in school.

Best wishes to you and your families

Mr Rik
Head of Primary