Secondary News – 3rd November 2017

Dear Parents

What an amazing day we’ve just had, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall and the Queen of Johor visited the school this morning and had a fantastic reception.

We’ve also had book week this week and the assembly today was superb. The winner of the Secondary Door Decorating competition was 7AY with a wonderful door.

We also had students out earlier in the week at a fantastic STEM festival organised by Heriot Watt University:

It was only at the beginning of last week that we learned of our Gold Accreditation from ISQM of which we are all so proud. We always knew that ISP is an amazing place but it has been wonderful hearing about it from an independent source. During the visiting team’s final meeting one of the things that they remarked upon was the amazing artwork up all over school and this piece by Jasmine in Year 11 is a great example:

Last week our Art students also attended a ‘Drawing Conclusions’ workshop run by the University of Southampton here in Malaysia and were really inspired. I hope that our outstanding artists go on to do really well in their IGCSE exams and that some of them use their obvious ability and creativity to take on the challenge of A-level Art in the Sixth Form next year. With Miss Barbara’s prize winning experience we know they will be in good hands.

We also have many students out this weekend at the Fobisia Games in Phuket. We all wish them luck and sporting success.