Secondary News – 9th March

Dear Parents

As we approach the end of term 2 and the impending PTC’s, Performing Arts Assembly, and see the students involved in FOBISIA competitions, KLISS athletics and all of their CCAs, it feels like there is never any rest for any of our students, teachers or parents. International Day was absolutely amazing and the performances throughout the day and in the assembly were astonishing. Thanks to everyone involved. It shows the strength of our school community and what we can achieve together. I also loved sampling all the wonderful food that was available. My son still thinks he’s Norwegian despite my best efforts to explain that where you are born doesn’t change your nationality, although he looked cute in his Bunad.

Looking at the school’s Twitter feed it just shows how much the students enjoy their lessons. A particular Science tweet caught my attention seeing Year 8 with the Van de Graaff generator. Charging students up to 20,000V and watching their reaction when they get static shocks is always one of the funniest lessons of the year, with so much learning going on too.  I will be teaching Potential to the Year 13 students next year so I’ll have to remember to give them a brief reminder before we get onto the serious equations.

We also welcomed Claire Sancelot of The Hive, who is attempting to minimise her impact on the planet through a zero-waste approach and it makes me think of all of the waste that we produce as a school despite our best efforts. Our conservation ambassadors are working on some potential solutions, so watch this space and keep an eye on FlexiBuzz. I’m trying as hard as I can to use my own mug every time I go for a coffee at the school Cafe.

Thursday was International Women’s day and it sparked lots of debate amongst the older students and allowed us to discuss the gender pay gap as an issue and the reasons for this inequality. Students were challenged to read a book by a female author, to watch a film directed by a woman and say thanks to all the women in their life. I hope that all of the girls and boys in this school graduate into a much more equitable world by the time they finish their Sixth Form studies. There’s hope!

I held a coffee morning this week about Post IGCSE Options which was really well attended by parents of Years 9/10 & 11 students. I attempted to explain the different routes that students can take to University in the UK, the US, Australia and many other countries. The presentation can be viewed online and there is also a comparison chart of the different post 16 options if you are interested. If anyone missed the coffee morning but would like me to explain more, please get in touch and I will schedule another session for next term. If parents want more information please send a message to Miss Patricia who is our careers expert and can offer lots of sensible advice. We also have our first Sixth Form Open Day the following week so all’s busy at ISP.

Simon Taylor

Head of Secondary School