Weekly message from the Head of Secondary

Dear all
I hope everyone has had a great week.

As always, so much has happened this week as I am sure you all see in your Flexibuzz feed. Mine from the EYC, where my son is in reception, is a constant stream of interesting articles about his daily school life and routine. I’d also like to remind everyone about the appeal from Miss Patricia for information about parental careers which was sent out earlier in the week, you should be able to find it in your feed if you missed it.

This week has seen all of our Student Leaders being appointed and embracing their new roles with passion. The Community, Communication and Conservation ambassadors learnt of their appointments after their interviews last week, the Student Council was approved and in our Leadership Assembly today we heard passionate speeches from the House Captains. Our Sixth Form students have just got back from their own Leadership camp in Penyabong and from all accounts had a fantastic time.

My own week has been taken up by a meeting of the Malaysian Secondary Heads on Monday, discussing the sort of issues that affect everyone in education, such as ideas about assessment methods, changes to the curriculum, changes to the IGCSEs, to A-Levels and also suggestions about the University application process. Today we’ve had visitors in school from Oxford Study Courses providing careers information to¬†our Sixth Formers about entrepreneurship and creativity and the power of these subjects to make major positive changes to our lives. The students walked out full of energy and ideas to hopefully take home and discuss with you. As well as all these visitors I still get to teach the A-Level Physics class in year 12, a group of amazing students with almost too many questions for their poor teacher.

Lower down in the Secondary School the Year 9 students have been constantly discussing with teachers the possibilities for their Year 9 project and getting closer to a final idea, although for some there’s still a way to go. It’s fantastic to see their energy and enthusiasm and it’s very infectious. One student who wants to create a human levitation device is probably aiming a little bit high (if you forgive the pun), but I can’t do anything but applaud his desire to think outside the box.

Next week the students in years 7,8,9,11 and 13 will be reviewing their progress with the help of our Academic Mentoring programme and the advice of their tutors, and we hope they learn a lot from the process.

Finally from me, next Thursday I’ll be giving a coffee morning session at 8.30 on the use of Google Classroom in the Secondary School to which you’re all welcome. If I have time I’ll also explain how we use the data that we get from the cognitive tests and reading tests sat by your children at the beginning of term.
Have a great weekend