Weekly News from the Head of Secondary

Dear Secondary Families

It has been wonderful this week to see the school vibrant and noisy with the buzz and energy of 400 Secondary students filling the classrooms. They all seem to be settling in well and integrating with the many new students who have arrived at the school. As a Physics teacher I am also very lucky to spend teaching time in the new Core Block which has been a fantastic space to teach in and for the students to learn. The upgraded WiFi all over school and the new technology in the classrooms is giving us so many more ideas about cutting edge ways to deliver lessons and students are going to really benefit as we improve still further our teaching and learning.

Across the Secondary School we have been doing Cognitive tests with all of the Year 7, 10 and 12 students to help give us an idea of their potential as they enter each Key Stage. By Monday we will have also completed our Reading tests with years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and all this information will really help us meet the needs of all students whatever their ability level. More information about the results of these tests will follow and I will also be doing a coffee morning as soon as we have analysed all the results to help explain what it all means. Miss Fran and her Learning Support Department are busy creating plans to support students in their lessons based on the results of these tests.

Our new Sixth Form is looking beautiful and the students super smart. The facilities that they now have are excellent and Miss Patricia and her team are so excited about the year ahead. We’ve already got Southampton University coming in for a team-building session and are planning a University fair for November with the help of the British Council. We are determined to continue our success at getting our students into great Universities all over the world.

As you will have seen in your emails, we have Information Sessions for each Key Stage next week and the following week we would love to see you at our Settling in Conferences. Invitations will be going out on Monday. Please check your emails and your FlexiBuzz feed for more information. I would also like to guide you to the Parent section of the website, where you can find lots of relevant information and guides to setting up your phones and laptops to keep you informed of what goes on at school. Finally, can I also remind you to please send an email to your child’s form tutor if your child is absent so that we can keep an accurate attendance register. This will also avoid us sending you unnecessary emails telling you that your child hasn’t arrived at school.

Thanks for your support and have a great weekend.